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Dave Janssen

Specialty: Guitar/Bass (All Styles)

Background/Experience: GIT Graduate, UCLA Music Business, Toured with Danger Zone (X Vanilla Fudge/Mark Stein), (X Badlands/Greg Chaisson), Leo (X Black Sabbath/Dave Spitz), Rocknee, Dry County (Bon Jovi Tribute Band) Session/Studio guitarist for soundtracks and commercials.

Dave is available Monday through Saturday


Name: Bart Wells

Bart Wells is a versatile multi-instrumentalist returning to southern California by way of Miami, FL. Bart picked up the Guitar and Bass at age 14, and by 16, was playing gigs at Hollywood venues such as the Whiskey A-go-go, and Key Club. While studying Bass in the Jazz program at California State University Northridge, he began to expand his repertoire, adding gigs/sessions on Piano, Drums, Mandolin, Ukulele, and Banjo. From Rock, Reggae, Jazz, and Bluegrass, to Classical, Latin, Pop and R&B, any genre with a good melody and solid rhythm section has served as an inspirational influence. Throughout his career, Bart has performed across the country, working with many great musicians, including Artifice (signed to Universal), Phase, Atomic Odyssey, Dinah’s Hourglass, Red Carlon, The Trailseekers, and Miami classic rock power house Metropolis (with Grammy Award winning pianist Augustine Espina and guitarist Scott Emmons). Bart has also written/produced/recorded various albums, including Joe Carvers “Carver Country”. With a focus on fundamental techniques, music theory, and his student’s favorite songs, Bart is sure to help aspiring musicians of any age.

Chris Jacks

Chris Jacks is a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, with over 30 years of playing, recording and composing experience. An MI graduate with over 15 years of teaching experience from total beginners to advanced, helping to improve technique, theory and how it applies to the instrument with an emphasis on composition and creativity. His playing and composition credits include Zoolander, Freaky Friday, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and many more. With a background in rock, classical guitar and jazz, lessons are tailored to the strength of each individual student to help them get the most out of their playing and to help them to reach their musical and creative goals.

Charlie Michener

Specialty: Piano (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced), Guitar (Beginner/Intermediate), Bass(Beginner/Intermediate), Synthesizers (All Styles), Production/AudioEngineeringBackground/

Experience: Charlie began his career in music at age eleven after being forced intoplaying piano before he could be allowed to play guitar. Little did he knowthat pianos and synthesizers would become his biggest passion in life, leadingto several years of performing on tours across the country, recording, andteaching. Since then, he’s picked up bass, guitar, drums, banjo, mandolin, andis also now a producer, audio engineer. He’s trained classically and in jazz onthe piano, and enjoys writing, producing, and recording for pop and R&Bartists. He has played in several bands ranging from folk and indie rock groupsto hip/hop and R&B acts, and is currently focusing his efforts on hiswriting team in Hollywood and his R&B group based out of the San FernandoValley. Charlie loves teaching as much as he loves playing, and has experienceteaching students of all ages for five years.

Gio Lombardi

Giovanni Lombardi a.k.a. Gio Lombardi is a musician, performer, composer, international clinician, music educational columnist, music educator. Born in Pescara Italy, raised in the coastal city of Bari (Italy), picked up his first guitar at the age of 10, he has not stopped playing music ever since.

Gio’s love for music and his natural inclination toward education has started him very young as a Guitar teacher as well. Has played and taught extensively throughout South America, U.S.A, and Europe where periodically goes back to perform and give his clinics.

Gio’s teaching experience spans more than two decades on an international level, his records speak louder than a thousand words. His teaching methodology, passion, love and knowledge translate into certified student retention (of any age) in terms of years! As a teacher for many music schools, conservatories, and music institutions, he has acquired skills that allow him to relate and engage with students of heterogeneous interest. Trough his classes you’ll be able to access to comprehensive curriculum tailored to all types of needs, being able to relate to the complete beginner as well as to advanced players is one of his specialties.